Physical Security Systems


KTC’s critical infrastructure protection (CIP) services focus on security systems for governmental assets, both civil and military.

Kline Technical Consulting (KTC) ties together the diverse security needs of specific organizations to deliver an efficient, unified security and communication infrastructure. Working confidentially behind the scenes, KTC helps governments and commercial enterprises achieve safety and intelligence goals in cost-effective and profitable ways, leveraging existing installations and integrating the latest technologies. Our comprehensive solutions provide:

  • Integrated, coordinated responses
  • Automated action plan execution
  • Global trend analysis and resource sharing
  • Reduced undesired and illegal exchanges
  • Infrastructure improvements in security and communication

Key applications for KTC CIP Services include:

IED/ERW Secruity: KTC’s explosives forensics group specializes in specialty Weapons Forensics X-Ray systems (including portable systems), and has worked for years with UXO, IED, EOD (including deep subsea UXO/EOD), and de-mining. >>Learn More

Power Plant Security: We specialize in building security systems which include vehicle checkpoints, high volume portals and cameras and sensors to protect large-area assets such as power plants.

Port Facility Security: Ports require additional physical security provisions: warehouses, dock loading/unloading areas, underwater surveillance of piers, docks, and petroleum pipelines (especially from FPMs and Offshore pipe feeds) require people with special training both to inspect and to protect them.

Customs Security: Customs facilities require special vigilance regarding photographing of personnel and procedures, storage areas, and  potential breeching zones. Also, the camera systems used require specialized video analytics for greatest effectiveness.

Integrated Security Packages: KTC’s philosophy of integration differs from many others – we do not see bringing in camera outputs and clicking through them (or portraying them in tiled panels) as “integration.” That may be “assembling” but it is not integration. Integration in our approach means truly merging all the pieces together. >>Learn More

SCADA Security: SCADA security is an unique combination of IT Security and Physical Security. The IT security side of SCADA Security ranges from preventing corrupting elements (dirty USB drive brought in by an employee or a terrorist) to prevention of hacker intrusion or even worse intrusion and disruption/wrecking of the data flow or stored data. >>Learn More

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  • ERW, Explosive & Ordnance Training
  • Camera/video surveillance and video analytics
  • Specialized overt and covert sensors
    • Proximity, acoustic, pressure, metal, radiation, and more
  • Automated readers for license plates and container codes
  • Integrated command, control, and communications systems
  • Blast resistant, ballistically protected units
  • Force protection barriers
  • Emergency power generation

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Nuclear Test Site Security Portals

Organizations: U.S. Department of Energy, Nevada Test Site, Los Alamos National Lab

Timeframe: 2008 - 2010

Designed, constructed, installed, and commissioned security portals to provide personnel and materiel security.

Railway High Volume Multi-Channel Security Portals

Organization: India Ministry of Science and Technology

Timeframe: 2008-2011

Designed, constructed, installed, and commissioned security portals for the Rail Security Project to protect passengers and cargo.

Security Portals

Organization: U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Timeframe: 2008-ongoing

Designed, constructed, installed, and commissioned security portals to screen persons entering sensitive federal installations.

Electronic Countermeasures

Organization: U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy

Timeframe: 1979-ongoing

From AN/ALE-40 to AN/SLQ-32 to Missile Countermeasures and Counter-countermeasures, Dr. Kline and his senior engineers have worked on creating and disseminating electronic warfare technologies and systems, as well as installing systems for the United States, NATO, and U.S. Allies. Active countermeasures include electronic, electromechanical, and explosive systems.


The 7 Most Critical Considerations for Physical Security Systems

KTC's experienced approach to Physical and IT Security

KTC's Infographic takes you through our well-oiled process of Define, Build and Operate for your Physical and IT security needs.

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Physical Security Systems 

Electronic Warfare


KTC's ERW, Explosive & Ordnance Training

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